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General Facts about the area of intervention

Location: Northern Greece, Region of Central Macedonia, Prefecture of Thessaloniki

Population: 60.770 inhabitants

Area: 2.089 km2

Population density: 29 inhabitants / km2

The LEADER+ Program and ETQM

The dominant focus point underlining the development perception that the LAG is trying to implement, is ‘use of local products, i.e. all levels of production based on endogenous natural, human and economic resources, services included”. Action strategies that the LAG is utilizing in order to achieve its goal are: stimulation and activation of untapped local potential, adequate support for local initiatives that have innovative characteristics, continuous efforts to obtain viable, efficient and environmental friendly units into the total scheme of local economy.

The special title of the local LEADER+ Program for Thessaloniki is: “Taste of life from the villages of ThessalonikiAll implemented actions of the Local Program concern Development of agro-tourism, manufacturing of rural products and collateral sectors of economy, exploitation within the currying capacity of available natural & cultural environment based on solid and certain quality principals.

There is strong liaison between the LAGs’ activities and the activities undertaken by the global project of the European Territorial Quality Mark. The expected added value from our involvement to this European wide project is the opening of Thessaloniki territory to a broader European sized community of potential consumers & visitors.The partners have been mobilized by the Program are Local Associations and Local Authorities, whilst the beneficiaries of all planned actions are the majority of the investors’ community that emerged through the LEADER+ Initiative.  


Address: 27 Ploutonos str., 546 55
City: Thessaloniki
Country: Greece
E-mail: aneth@aneth.gr
Phone 1: +30 2310 801070
Phone 2:
Fax: +30 2310 403593
URL: www.aneth.gr

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