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General Facts

Situation: Perfecture of Central Macedonia, Province of Kilkis

Population: 89.056 inhabitants

Area: 2.518.900 hectares

Population density: 29 inhabitants / hectare

The Leader+ Program and ETQM

The main focus of local Leader+ project is “The transformation of Kilkis county in to an excellence land in order to possess a continuously competitive place in the national and international environment, exploiting its local resources (people, know how, experiences), promoting its image and advantages, and emphasizing in the sustainability of all developing actions and the reinforce of its added value, expecting a well balanced and multi sector development which will lead in the improvement of citizen’s quality of life”.    

The strategy of the Local Action Group is based on efforts to activate local dynamics and support local initiatives that are innovative, impressive, viable and efficient.The thematic guidelines defined in Kilkis area refer to the exploitation of local resources while products and services are based on specific quality standards so as to create a land of excellence. The special title of the local LEADER+ Programme of Kilkis is “Sustainable Excellence of Kilkis’ Countryside”. The actions of the local Program concern agrotourism, enterprises of rural and other sectors of economy, exploitation of natural and cultural environment and cooperations, all based on quality principals, values and standards. It is therefore in relation to the global project of the European Territorial Quality Mark.

The expected added value of the transnational cooperation is the opening of Kilkis to the Mediterranean and European Community, meaning the promotion of the environment, local products, culture and local advantages. The partners mobilized by the programme are local authorities and local associations while the beneficiaries of the actions of the programme are the investors of the local programme, the professionals of tourism industry and the inhabitants of the Province.   

Address: Solonos 13, Kilkis 611 00
City: Kilkis
Country: Greece
E-mail: anki@anki.gr
Phone 1: +302341025305
Phone 2:
Fax: +302341028722
URL: www.anki.gr

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