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ASODECO (Asociación para el Desarrollo Rural de la Comarca de el Condado de Jaen)

The mark «Condado Jaén. Calidad Rural » owns a General Plan, a Committee of Management and Control rules, and Specific Plans for territorial products and services.

Today, 19 enterprises are certified by the mark, which represents 66 labelised products. They come from tourism field, but also to the fields of olive oil, cooked meats, pastry, biological eggs and leather and olivewood craft industry. 12 other enterprises are on the way to be certified. The general objective is to reach a number of 120 certified enterprises in the next 3 years.

Main economic activities:

During the last years, the area of olive-wood cultivation has been developed intensively, whereas herbaceous cultivation have been reduced.

Stockbreeding activities have been growing this last 10 years, above all porcine breeding. Most of non agrarian enterprises of the Region « El Condado » correspond to basic trade, catering, and to fixing activities, which have increased in the last years.

In the industry, most of enterprises are linked with construction field and manufactured products (most of them are from the alimentary field, with 65 enterprises).

The number of enterprises in services (financial services and services for people) has also increased. The entrepreneurship network corresponds to the criteria of a traditional economy, with a predominate rate of independent workers and a predominate rate of micro enterprises. It also exists a great representation of cooperatives, whom the majority is from the olive oil field.

Built-up by 8 municipalities from the area, the ASODECO also counts agriculture and workers trade unions, cultural associations, women associations, enterprises and private companies association. It is headed by a General Assembly and by a Director Committee (composed of 18 members : 8 mayors, 2 representatives from women associations, 2 representatives from trade unions, 1 representative from cultural associations and 5 enterprises representatives). The technical team is composed of an administer, technical people in charge of programmes (Leader +, Workgroup Scholl, Equal, Strategic Plan, Cooperation Territorial Quality Mark), of a person in charge of communication, and of the administration and accounting team.

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