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The general assembly of the mark « Tierras de Occam » approved a General plan and specific plans for the following fields: virgin olive oil, home made ceramic, saddleries, vegetables, cheese, bakery and pastries, rural resting houses, hotels, restaurants, wines, stained glass and smithy.

Today, 12 enterprises are certified in the area.

The basis of the organization of rural areas in the region are:

  • Agricultural activities, which gives an identity to landscapes; non irrigated cultivation: vine and olive-wood are well represented. The remaining lands are dedicated to cereal cultivation (barley, wheat, corn), vegetables and legumes.
  • An important potential of hunting fullness, in spite of an unequal repartition of resources between the municipalities of the region.
  • Small and medium enterprises in the field of local natural resources (exploitation and transformation), all that who develop handcrafted tradition. They are supporting the consolidation of labour market and a specific commercial network (furniture, construction material, smithy, food…).
  • In this area, the fields with the most of impact are : textile, wood and furniture, metal and chemical industry.
The organs are the general assembly, the Directive Committee and the Sectorial Committees.The a s so c i a t io n counts 70 members: the 16 municipalities of the area and numerous enterprises, c o o p e r a t i v e s , associations...
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