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Each partner will have to realize the following activities in its own national network:

  • To make the positive aspects offered by cooperation known by local actors in different fields;
  • To imply Local and Territorial Organisms to inform them on the development of the project;
  • To determine the criteria of preservation of the Territorial Quality, linked to the needs of the territory, in order to introduce them in the General Regulation;
  • To define and share with the other LAG communication activities, to make the project’s objectives known by the population;
  • To study common marketing actions, based on past experiences and operational activities compatible with the project’s goals.

But there are also common activities, aimed to be realized at the trans-national level, necessary to obtain the added value expected by the project’s beneficiaries:

  • o prepare the General Regulation that gathers the ules and criteria necessary o follow to use the Mark;
  • To constitute the juridical structure owner of the Mark, which will commit itself in management and control activities;
  • To register the Mark;
  • To realize the general Plan of communication;
  • To realize marketing actions, and participate to international fairs;
  • To verify, through the Observatory, if the project management respects equal opportunities and environmental respect.

Concerning the LAG « Tradizione delle Terre Occitane », 10 economical actors have the mark on the following products : cheeses, pastas, cakes, infusions, liquors, cooked meats, smoked trout, fruit juices, marmalades, wines, fruits, beer, honey.


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