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GAL PAYS CATHARE - Association Audoise de Développement Local

In an area full of contrasts and bathed by the Mediterranean, the Pays Cathare (Region of Aude - Carcassonne prefecture) is located at the south of France in the middle of the triangle Toulouse, Barcelona, Montpellier.

In an open space between sea and mountain, it is characterized by an astonishing diversity of landscapes, cultures and landscapes.

Agriculture (vine growing), craft industry and tourism occupy a dominating place.

This rural territory has many advantages: vineyards, technical and agricultural know-how, architectural and natural sites as well as cultural and historical inheritance.

Confronted with the difficulties of the rural territories, the Department of the Aude chose to lean on its historical and architectural inheritance to structure its image. The Pays Cathare thus became the unifying support theme of an innovative development project.

The Aude in numbers: 6.139 km2 - 339.500 inhabitants – 55 inh. /km2

The Mark Pays Cathare

Registered with INPI in 1992 by the General Council of Aude, it is the heart of the program of departmental development conceived at the end of the 80s and is designed around three axes:

A particular heritage:  “federative asset of the territory”

The attraction poles of the Pays Cathare, castles, abbeys or cities related to the “Cathare” history, are true tourist poles which characterize our Department. The preservation and development of this rich heritage made it possible to increase the number of tourists of the countryside and extend the season.

Territories and a local dynamic: a project area

The areas of Aude are structured around 5 coherent territories (Lands) which makes it possible for the Department to support financially and technically the implementation of the projects collectively carried out by the local actors.

A collective Mark, a tool for the professionals

It unites in 2008 more than 900 professionals from agriculture, trade or the craft industry gathered in 33 networks of production, goods or services.

Its development lies on a cooperation between the departmental community, the Departmental Committee of Tourism and the Chambers. They, along with the related professionals, worked out a General Plan, a graphic charter and schedules of specific conditions for each network.

The mark is based on principles of quality, authenticity, respect of the cultures and respect of the environment. It weaves bonds and solidarity between the actors of the various networks.

It places at the disposal of all professionals the tools of animation, formation, communication and promotion.

More than one simple label, the mark Pays Cathare ® constitutes a durable development tool which includes social, cultural, environmental and economic dimensions. This collective dynamic generates a real added value.

The Professional Networks of Pays Cathare

PartnersProducts and Services of the Pays Cathare ®
Chamber of Agriculture  of Aude
  • Meats and poultries (lamb, pig, ox, calf, poultries),
  • Fruit and vegetables (beans, asparaguses, onions of Citou, Apples of the Etang de Marseillette, Melon first flower, cherries of the Argent Double),
  • Honey
  • Goat cheese
  • Wine
  • Tasting Cellars
  • Milk
  • Farm stages
  • Fruit juice and nectars
  • Sale points and shops
  • Farm houses
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Carcassonne – Limoux – Castelnaudary   and CCI de Narbonne
  • Lodging (hotels and restaurants)
  • Camp-sites
  • Rural inns
  • Natural Activities
  • Guides and speakers
  • Cultural and natural sites
  • Historic and Natural Tourism
  • Mineral water of Alet
Chamber of Trade of Aude
  • Bread
  • Guarriguet (pastry making)
  • Pork products
  • Butchers
  • Workshops of art
Relay of the Lodgings of France
  • rural and furnished lodgings
  • hotels (hostels)
Association of the Sites of the Pays Cathare
  • Abbeys
  • Castles
  • Cities
  • Museums
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