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The local quality mark is a mark which qualifies 24 enterprises funded by the LEADER+ Initiative at the Province of Lemnos. The cluster named ‘Lemnos’, established in July 2006, consists of:

  • 5 accommodation enterprises

  • 8 catering enterprises

  • 3 farms opened for visits, with provision for accommodation infrastructure

  • 2 enterprises of alternative and special forms of rural tourism (spa and marine sports)

  • 1 traditional embroidery enterprise

  • 2 enterprises which produces sweets and marmalades

  • 2 wineries

  • 1 bakery

The cluster is a non – profiteering enterprise, which has a capital coming from the charges of its partners. The enterprises are now working on a business plan which will contribute to their further development. The key word of their effort is quality. Their actions are planed to promote the quality of products and services. The enterprises which will be qualified with the European territorial quality mark have products of 26,30,33,43 classes

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