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Fundació Privada Garrotxa Líder

The Private Foundation Garrotxa Leader has as mission to affect the socioeconomic weave of the region of the Garrotxa and the area of the Collsacabra, in order to foment a culture in the organizations that guarantee a sustainable development and balance in this territory.

In this frame, the mark of territorial quality “Sustainable Management of Garrotxa in the Collsacabra” tries to establish, by means of the code of sustainable management, a guideline of behavior for the socioeconomic organizations of this territory.

The management code is structured in 31 articles in three scopes or sectors: economic, social and environmental. Each one of these articles has tied indicators that allow to objectively measure in time the result of the actions applied by the organizations; despite the evaluation system it also incorporates indicators of character more qualitative as they value those intangible aspects of the sustainable activity for the organizations.

The adhesion to the mark is totally voluntary on the part of the companies and organizations of the region, nevertheless implies a commitment of the organizations to fulfill the articulated aims that are due to translate in the transparency of its actions from the publication of a memorandum of sustainability or a triple profit and loss statement.

The management code tries to be a tool of adaptable work to any reality and corresponds to each organization’s established own objectives.

Indeed, the management code tries to guide the organizations towards processes of internal reflection on the impact of their activities and to provide tools to them to obtain data that guarantees the decision making in short and long term. These decisions must contribute to the companies and organizations enjoying a sustainable growth and balance that reflects at the same time at the growth of the territory.


  • To optimize the enterprise management fomented in the values of respect to the surroundings and the people.
  • To contribute to the sustainable development of the territory by means of the incorporation of measures of preservation of environment.
  • To improve the corporative image of the company.
  • To attract and affiliate new clients
  • To attract and to retain good professionals
  • To improve the labor climate and internal communication.


The Collsacabra can adhere independently to the mark “Sustainable Management of Garrotxa” any company or organization, as long as it is his legal form, sector of activity or dimension.

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