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The reference of the mark “Comarca Vaqueira” is the cultural heritage of “Vaqueiros” of Alzada, that were migrating breeders and shepherds of bovine cattle from the territory. This gathering of people always constituted a federative element, and a sign of identity of the different municipalities of the area.

The mark “Comarca Vaqueira” gets a general plan and several specific plans of products such as : honey, cooked meats, breads and pastries, cheeses and cider.

Today, 9 enterprises are certified with the mark, for 30 different products. The cooperation between the different enterprises of the mark goes beyond the initial objectives, for agreements were decided, regarding products’ packaging and marketing.

Concerning touristy promotion, the 5 municipalities are a part of an inter-communal organism, which is called “Comarca Vaqueira”; it is also the name of the territorial mark.

The CEDER Valle Del Ese-Entrecabos is a non-profit-making association. Concerning employment, its main activities are in the primary sector, and more particularly focused on cattle's breeding. But it is also true that the sector of services has begun to be more important, above all in the two coastal municipalities, where the field of tourism has an important weight.

The Directive Committee of the LAG is composed of 12 people, of which the mayors of the 5 municipalities, representatives of forest cooperatives, women associations and also environmental, cultural, touristy associations and agricultural cooperatives. The responsible organ of the Leader program is the « CEDER Valle Del Ese-Entrecabos ». The technical team is composed of the manager (director), three technicians, administrative and financial team, and two technicians for the implementation of equal opportunities.
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