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Asociación Líder “Serranía del Túria – Valencia”

The territorial quality mark is the common reference of authentic rural areas which work in a development process.

We currently have 12 enterprises certified by the territorial quality mark, and 5 other are on their way to get the mark. They belong to various fields such as tourism, agribusiness, agriculture, public museums...

We have a generic plan and the following specific plans :

  • Specific plan of virgin olive oil;
  • Specific plan of traditional cooked meat;
  • Specific plan of bakery and traditional pastries;
  • Specific plan of tourism-products;
  • Specific plan of museums;
  • Specific plan of wine;
  • Specific plan of tourism-rural resting houses;
  • These plans define products suitable for the territorial quality mark.

Economy and employment:

The productive structure of the area shows the importance of services, construction field, and, more locally, of industry as a way to create wealth and employments. Traditional trades, small and medium transformation industries, and small construction enterprises are today the most dynamic activities of the area. Mining industry is also an important sector.

Active population represents 31% of the area’s inhabitants. The working force sectorial allocation shows the rural characteristic of the region and the presence of differences. According to statistics, the first origins of activity are agriculture and services. The territory also reckons a strong representation of independent workers (1 active out of 3).


The association LAG Serranía del Túria-Valencia is composed of public and private members. It is administered and represented by the Directive Committee, composed of 10 members. These members are designed by the association’s partners; 5 from the public sector and 5 from the private sector.

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