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The LAG “Asociación para el Desarrollo Sostenible del Poniente Granadino” is composed by more than one hundred members : representative from the 16 municipalities located in the area, the Diputación Provincial de Granada and a very important number of local organizations (professionnal and cultural associations, trade unions, banking, private enterprises...).

The territorial Mark “Poniente Granadino” belongs to the Association. The Mark owns its General Plan and Specific Plans (13 : oil, pickles, other potted vegetables, cooked meat, asparagus, vegetables, honey, aquaculture products, wines, pastries, home-made cheeses, marmalades and tourism). It also has a Committee of Management and Control with its own regulation, and a graphic plan for the label “Poniente Granadino. Calidad Rural”.

Today, 18 enterprises are certified by the mark, and 31 are on their way to hold it. 100 products and services are certified (agribusiness and tourism field). In the framework on FEADER, the forecast is to reach 150 certifications (private enterprises and public entities).

The most important economic activities:

Economic activities are quite varied, even if agricultural activity represents the employment sector for 60% of active population. But it is a commercial and competitive field all year long, thanks to evaluation of some products, label of controlled origin of olive oil, the importance of asparagus cultivation and of different products from horticulture, and an increase of organic agriculture.

Aquaculture: in this area, it is an activity of which production represents 90% of regional production, excepting nevertheless the marketing of trout, sturgeons, and caviar, produced in Riofrío (Loja).

Farm-produce enterprises (cooperatives) represent one of the economic pillar of the area: production and bottling of olive oil, marketing of vegetables and fruits, marketing and potting of asparagus, production of cheeses, cooked meat, bakery’s products and traditional pastries.

Quarries’ exploitation for materials used in construction (stone, marble...) is also a field that grows.

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