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Asociación POEDA (Páramo Órbigo Esla Desarrollo Asociado)

The LAG territorial quality mark is POEDA. It is in the process of elaborating general and specific charters. Its is introducing the first steps to the territorial mark creation in the POEDA zone. Nowadays, no company hold the label yet and products that can pretend to be labelised in the near future are in the agro-food and rural tourism fields. LAG members are:

  • 47 Municipalities;
  • 3 Commune groups;
  • 11 Cultural associations;
  • 3 Quality figures association;
  • 5 Farming trade unions;
  • 19 Cooperatives and companies;
  • 2 Foundations;
  • 27 Other associations.

Most significant economic activities in the area are agriculture and breeding. It is a real economic motor around which different type of businesses and services operate.

The program responsible bodies are the association itself throughout its management body formed by 17 representative members from the area economic, social, and political sectors.

POEDA is a non-profit-making association which technical team include one manager and two technicians.
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