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Asociación Centro de Desarrollo Rural Merindades (CEDER Merindades)

The mark « Las Merindades Comarca de Calidad » is lead by 2 specific plans; one for services (rural resting places, hotels, restaurants) and one for products (breads and marmalades, beekeeping products, home made products, meats, dairy products)

Today, 4 artisans, 3 rural resting places and 2 enterprises from the field of meat own the mark. 2 enterprises in the field of bakery and marmalades, 1 craftman, 1 rural resting place and 1 hotel are on their way to be certified.

The Merindades CEDER is a non-profit-making association composed of 27 municipalities and 39 cultural, environmental, tourism, social associations… It has been created in 1991 in the objectives of supporting local resources, economic activity and territorial culture. Since its creation, the CEDER Merindades has been relying on the region economic and social development, by implementing different Community initiatives, such as Leader I and II, or the NOW program as part of the initiative « Employment and development of Human Resources ». Today, it administers the Leader + initiative and implementes the project ACCEDEM in the framework of EQUAL. It collaborates with various administrations for any projects supporting the development of economic activity. As the confederate centre of the Plan for Trainings and Professional Insertion, it gives jobs to unemployed people for the realization of services and works of general interest.

Main objectives:

  • To sensitise local, independent and national associations, but also European institutions in order to optimise the use of local resources for a complete and harmonious development of the region.
  • To play the role of a reception centre, that gives information relative to local and regional development; this work is based on people, resources and projects suitable for being carried through by the association and its partners.
  • To give partners a centre of sharing experiences and methodologies in the field of local and regional development.

To participate to the Leader initiative, and to any other initiatives allowing a complete and harmonious development, more particularly tourism development of the region.
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