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Management & Control Committee

Duties of the Committee

  • Establishment of the register of the territorial brands that will be authorized to use the European Brand of Territorial Quality (MQTE).
  • Control of the whole process of registration.
  • Writing up of the necessary technical control reports.
  • Proposals to approve or reject registrations of territorial brands.
  • Supervision of the compliance with the general rules.
  • Establishment of the logo of the MQTE and control of its appropriate use.
  • Proposal to the general meeting of the MQTE owner organisation of the amendments to be made to the general rules, the logo and these rules.
  • Promotion of the MQTE.
  • Organisation of training activities aimed at all the persons in charge of territorial brands.
  • Annual presentation of the management memorandum, of the balance sheet and results as well as of the budget and action for the next year, as from the following twelve months.
  • Promotion, at its discretion, of the appropriate activities for the MQTE within the framework of the general rules, the MQTE owner organisation articles of association, etc.

Committee Composition

The committee members are elected by the owner organisation general meeting for a three-year term of office. The committee is a technical body. Its members are not remunerated.

  • Chairman: the chairman of the MQTE owner organisation
  • Secretary: the secretary of the MQTE owner organisation
  • One representative per country + one representative per group of 3 territorial brands (maximum three per country).

European Brand of Territorial Quality Registration

  •   Register of territorial brands:
  •  Firms and organisations bearing the territorial brand.
  •  Products and services offered by each firm.
  •  Properties and assets of public interest (villages, museums, cultural events ...) of each registered organisation.
  • Application, information material and visits of applicant territory.
  • Registration for a period of three years.

Use of the European Brand of Territorial Quality

  •  Official label model, approved by the Committee.
  • Use by the product or service having been granted the authorisation.
  • Logo of use.
  • Every year, each territorial brand must communicate the whole list of registered organisations as well as their authorised products, services and properties and assets of public interest.
  • It is the liability of each territorial brand to see to the proper use and coexistence between the brands.


  • All field inspections deemed necessary.
  • At least one inspection during each renewal period.
  • Such inspections are carried out by authorised technicians, independent experts with appropriate training.

The project is co-financed by the European Union in the framework of the Community Initiative LEADER +


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