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The European Territorial Quality Mark (ETQM) is property of the Association of the European Territorial Quality Mark, a non-profit organisation, established on September 2007 and based in Madrid.

The ETQM is a community trademark, registered with the Office for Harmonization in the internal market (trade marks and designs) for the following sectors according to the international nomenclature:

6          (Common metals and their alloys, metal building materials …)

8          (Hand tools, cutting instruments …)

14        (Precious metals and their alloys, jewellery, costume jewellery …)

16        (Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, printed matter …)

18        (Leather and imitations, saddlery articles…)

20        (Furniture, cork, reed, straw, ivory, bone, mother-of-pearl…)

21       (Household or kitchen utensils and dishes, crystal, porcelain …)

25        (Clothing articles and hats)

26        (Crochet work or embroidery, artificial flowers …)

27        (Carpets and floor clothing, carpeting …)

29        (Meet, fish, poultry and game, canned fruits and vegetables …)

30       (Coffee, tea, cocoa, rice, flour, bread, pastry and sweets, ice-cream, honey …)

31       (Agricultural products, market garden produce, silviculture products and seeds, fresh fruits and   vegetables …)

32       (Beer, mineral water and other non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juice …)

33        (Alcoholic beverages…)

34        (Tobacco …)

35        (Advertising, management of commercial firms …)

38        (Telecommunications)

39        (Transport, travel arrangement …)

41        (Education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities)

42        (Scientific, technological and research services …)

43        (Catering and accommodation services)

44       (Medical services; veterinary services, agriculture, horticulture and silviculture services …)

It has articles of association that define the scope of the Association and its administrative bodies, i.e. the board of directors and the general assembly.

The board of directors is composed of:

  • the Chairman
  • the Vice-chairman
  • the Secretary
  • the Treasurer
  • a representative of each country of the participating partners

The general assembly is composed of all the partners that have a full member status. The partners may be entities that hold and/or administer a territorial brand for a territory in which territorial quality procedures and measures of sustainable development have been established according to the principles listed in article 2 of the general rules of the European Brand of Territorial Quality (MQTE), as well as the local action groups (LAGs) of the territory that holds the territorial brand, provided there is synergy between the LAGs and the owner of the territorial brand.

Furthermore, the Association has at its disposal general rules of the European Brand of Territorial Quality and rules of the management and control committee.


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