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The approach is free of discriminations and exclusions, being accessible to all the territories and their populations. It represents a proposal of public and private development for all sectors (agri-food, tourist, craft industry, industrial, cultural, etc.).

Social responsibility

By means of specific statutes, each territory establishes parameters of quality that guarantee that the firms are economically viable, that they are respectful for the environment, and that they show social commitment.
For economic quality, one takes into account the proper management within the firm, the use of local resources, responsible marketing, innovation and tradition, as well as the contribution of the activity to local development.
For environmental quality, one takes into account the saving of water and energy resources as well as of raw materials, the appropriate waste management, the non pollution, a responsible purchasing policy and the integration into the environment.
For social quality, one takes into account the firm policy with respect to the equality of chances, the cooperation between companies, employees' profit-sharing, training, and fair competition.


The different territories identify and develop the local traditions and know-how, the history and the cultural landscape as a resource for local development and as a source of innovation.


All the actors participate at each level of organisation and management, with transparency of action, guaranteed by the voluntary and formal commitment of the partners.


Each brand of territorial quality has its own management and control committee. As a complement, the management and control committee of the European Brand of Territorial Quality has the task to control the conformity of the territorial brands with the European regulation.

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