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Associates of the Association may be legal entities with an interest in the purposes thereof and which meet the following requirements

  1. Owners or managers of a Territorial Mark linked to a territory committed to the pursuit of territorial quality and sustainable development
  2. Local Action Groups (LAGs) where in their territory of action a Territorial Mark is applied and they collaborate with the owner of the same one


For entry in the Registry each Mark must present a written request to the Committee using the application model provided by the Committee and will present any documentation requested.

  1. With the documentation presented, the Committee will make any visits that are deemed appropriate.

  2. On the basis of the above, a technical report will be issued by the Committee, which should be discussed thereby, deciding whether or not to proceed with entry in the Registry. Approval of registration will be for a period of three years.

  3. The applicant Mark will be notified of decisions by the Committee in a maximum period of 30 calendar days after they are taken.

  4. The applicant Mark may appeal the decision, in the case of refusal, in front of the General Assembly.
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