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The European Territorial Quality Mark (ETQM) is the property of the Association of the European Territorial Quality Mark, a non-profit organisation, governed by the Spanish law on associations of 2002.

The Association was founded on 25 September 2007 in Madrid.

The registered offices of the Association are in the city of Olot in Catalunya, 22, Avenida Onze de Setembre, second floor.

The Association has a scope of action comprising all European territory.

The Association creates the European Territorial Quality Mark, with its specific logotype which is registered in the Community Registry of Patents and Brands (OHIM-Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market), in accompaniment of the Territorial Marks (members of the Association). 

The corporate objectives of the Association are as follows: 

a/. Create and regulate the use of a European Territorial quality mark applicable to territories which already have territorial marks, as an accompanying mark common to all, in a process of development linked to territorial quality and sustainable development

b/. Serve its associates in improving their processes for territorial quality as well as collective projection to all markets.

c/. Promote the incorporation of more European territories into the process of territorial quality.

d/. Sensitise Community Institutions and National Administrations as to the importance of the values and principles of territorial quality.

e/. Facilitate exchange between associates of experiences and methodologies for intervention in the ambit of local development and territorial quality.

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